Whether you are an Aerial or Ground Applicator, CropMapper provides the most affordable & feature rich customer communication tool available today!


  • CropMapper was designed so that the entire application will automatically adapter to any device you or your customer might have.
  • Extremely easy to use and very intuitive allowing you and your customers to work faster and much more efficiently.
  • We don't use outdated, obsolete FSU Borders. CropMapper allows you and your customer to draw your fields as they are now...

Helpful tools

  • The most powerfull online crop management tool available on the market..
  • The only tool of its kind on the market with a ROI that can be calculated in weeks! In fact, CropMapper will increase your profits!
  • Designed with a professional and modern interface your customers will love.

Everything you need

  • Ready to use features: Customer management, Map Administration, Messaging, Stats, Spray Mix Management, Order taking, scheduling, spray reports... And much more.
  • Customer orders are sent via email with KMZ files for those who love Google Earth, or use the Pilot & Load sheets which are attached...
  • Automatically list closest Airport and Sensitive areas for Pilot or ground crew...


  • Screenshot of the CropMapper dashboard, with chart and stats
  • Screenshot of a latest 7 users
  • Screenshot of the left side menu
  • Screenshot of the main navigation menu on mobile devices
  • Screenshot of the Map Groups
  • Screenshot of the Map QuickView window

Tablet / desktop

  • Screenshot of an main dashboard, with chart and stats
  • Screenshot of Map Groups for saving maps
  • Screenshot of Map interface
  • Screenshot of Spray Mixes (both saving and editing)
  • Screenshot of the user management section
  • Screenshot of the messaging interface

Features in development September 3rd 2013

NOTE: There are no add-on charges in CropMapper, any new Features and enchancements will appear in your web application as they become available.

  • AgNav Intergration
  • SatLoc Intergration

Enhancements in development August 24th 2013

  • UAV Aerial Mapping (Imaging & NIR) for Precision Agriculture